Nature Trail

A few minutes walk from the Top Station of Penang Hill Funicular Railway marks the starting point of the 1.6km long The Habitat nature trail. A trail that meanders below three of the hill’s oldest historic bungalows, and through the entire stretch of The Habitat themed park. Framed look outs have been carefully created to bring back “The Forgotten Views” of the rolling hills and The Andaman Sea beyond. These framed views conjure the romance and magnificent spectacle of Penang Hill.

This enchanting realm allows visitors to experience Penang Hill’s rainforest at its very best. Several themed gardens charmingly line the way and include the Colour Garden, Butterfly Bank, Fragrant Garden and Ginger and Palm Grove. Planted with a view to delight your senses, visitors are invited to touch, smell, see and hear the wonders of jungle completely undisturbed.

Educational signs are positioned unobtrusively along the way in such a way to educate you on the flora, fauna and history of the pathway, but not in such a way to spoil your experience.

Complimentary nature guided tours are provided to every visitor of The Habitat Penang Hill. The tours are conducted by award winning naturalists and visitors will be in awe of the large amount of knowledge they can acquire at The Habitat.


  • Black Giant Millipede

    I'm the longest of my kind but when I'm born with no legs! Find me in...

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  • Paper Kite Butterfly

    My colour and pattern tell predators that I do not taste very nice. I fly slowly so it's easy to...

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  • Giant Black Squirrel

    I'm one of the largest squirrels in the world but very shy. You might see me leaping across the tree...

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  • Dusky Leaf Langur

    I live in a group of up to 20 and my favourite foods are leaves, shoots and unripe fruit. Spot...

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  • Asian Fairy-bluebird

    I love berries, insects and nectar. Look into the jungle and you might see me on the tree...

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  • Racket-tailed Drongo

    You will find me perched on the branches mimicking other birdcalls.

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  • Damar Minyak

    I'm a tall conifer tree, my leaves are leathery and I produce seed cones.

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  • Ru Bukit

    There are many of us at The Habitat Our needle-like leaves and cord-like foliage make us...

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  • Giant Pandan

    My leaves grow up to 6 metres high and people think I look like a giant green spider in the jungle.

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