Tree Top Walk

Viewing Platform and Early 19th Century Experimental Garden (Under construction)

The Treetop Walk is a 13m HIGHEST PUBLIC viewing platform located on the plateau just above the Mid-Point Rest Area and Museum. Designed to handle up to 120 people at a time, it offers mesmerizing 360-degree views of Penang, including George Town, and serves as the highest public viewing point on the island. On a clear day the islands of Langkawi can be seen in the distance, and if you look just in front of you, Bel Retiro (the Governor of Penang’s mansion), can also be seen in all its splendor.

In the 1890’s this plateau was used as one of the first English tennis courts in Malaya by people holidaying on the hill. It was also used as a military parade ground by the East India Company in the early days of the settlement, and the troops stationed here kept watch for approaching enemy ships. On sighting one they would signal Fort Cornwallis in George Town far below so that they could warn the people and prepare for battle.

This location was also most probably used by famed botanist Charles Curtis (1853-1928), the first superintendent of the Penang Botanic Gardens. In 1884 Curtis was placed in charge of a region that included “The Waterfall Gardens”. He experimented with trees while designing what would become the Penang Botanic Gardens, and the trees that you see here fringing the plateau can also been seen in the gardens below. They are quite old and would have quite a story to tell if only they could speak.

Today this historic plateau is also an ideal spot for bespoke events such as weddings, dinner parties and picnics.


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