Getting to Penang Hill

Getting to the top Penang Hill is relatively easy and there are numerous ways to go about doing it.

By Train

The most comfortable journey up the hill by far is The Penang Hill Funicular Railway. Located at Air Itam it takes you to the top of Penang Hill in air-conditioned comfort in a matter of minutes. It also affords the most spectacular views of the hill, and at 833m or 2,723 ft high, Penang Hill is quite something.

Along the way you'll see some of Penang's most exclusive homes, not to mention various birds, monkeys and perhaps even the beautiful and elusive mouse deer.

The funicular train leaves every 20 to 25 minutes.




By Road

For the fitter and even more adventurous hiking is the way to go and there are numerous hiking trails that lead to the top of the hill. All of them are very safe, some are more strenuous than others and some longer than others, so make sure you choose the right one. The most popular walk to the top starts at the road near the Penang Botanical Gardens. You'll see lots of people doing this walk and its quite safe.

For someone with a modicum of fitness it should take you about 2 hours and along the way you'll pass some of the most spectacular jungle scenery in Penang. Another popular hiking route is from the Moongate, just before you arrive at the Botanical Gardens on Waterfall Road.

Make sure that you wear appropriate footwear, sneakers or hiking boots, and that you have sunscreen and water with you.


For the more adventurous ascending the hill by road can be quite thrilling. The road to the top of the hill starts near the entrance to The Penang Botanical Gardens and private four-wheel drives can be hired by asking the attendant sitting in a booth just to the right of the road. If there isn't a four-wheel drive already there he will call for one for you.

Prices are not set and there is no meter, so be prepared to negotiate with your driver when he arrives.

Getting to The Habitat Penang Hill


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