About Kommune

The idea of KOMMUNE was borne out of the thinking that as one person, the process of doing good and feeling good may only go as far as one individual.

With a group of individuals, the multiplicity of doing good and feeling good is almost infinite. You see, when one does good and feels good, there is an inherent feeling of wanting to share and spread that effect onto others. It’s what we wholeheartedly resonate with.

KOMMUNE embodies the retail and Eko-Deli of The Habitat Penang Hill. Proceeds from our sales goes back into The Habitat Foundation, a non-profit sister organization of The Habitat Penang Hill which funds innovative community, environmental and conservation initiatives in Malaysia and beyond.

The products we sell at our retail are sourced carefully from local artisans and serve a purpose for nature and our kommunity. We only purvey goods from the good, for the good.

Our Eko-Deli on the other hand specialises in plant-based cuisine inspired by our Malaysian roots. A casual dining experience amidst our pristine rainforest that will make you crave more. Made with fresh ingredients handpicked from Penang Hill farms and local markets.

Welcoming you daily.