Uncang Tea’s blend of premium teas contain no artificial flavouring and are ethically and sustainably sourced from cultivators from across Malaysia and primarily from farms right here in Penang!

Satisfy your love for tea with Uncang Tea’s fine selection.
1. Green Pandan - Pandan Butterfly Pea Floral Tea
2. Orange Pala - Nutmeg Tea
3. Violet Telang - Lavender Butterfly Tea
4. Blue Mint – Blue Peppermint Tea
5. Black Cham – Yin Yong Coffee Tea
6. Yellow Serai – Lemongrass Pandan Tea
7. Red Roselle – Roselle Hibiscus Floral Tea
8. Brown Chai – Masala Chai Tea
9. Golden Roots – Tumeric Ginger Tea

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