Reconnect with nature at our park, the gateway to the UNESCO Penang Hill Biosphere Reserve

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Nestled atop the storied Penang Hill lies a pristine rainforest
millions of years in the making


  • A must-go in Penang

    Worth every single penny of the entry fee! It's well managed, clean, and peaceful. You can spot wildlife, as well as the wonderful fauna. The view from the Curtis Crest Tree Top Walk is just stunning and breathtaking! Highly recommend

    TripAdvisor, February 2023

  • I recently visited The Habitat on Penang Hill, and it was an amazing experience. I spent about two hours exploring the tree top walks and taking in the 360-degree view of Penang. It was an awe-inspiring experience. This was my second time visiting, and I noticed a lot of improvements since my last visit. The park is well-maintained and the staff were really helpful. Last time, I only had access through the back entrance, but now there is another entrance that is accessible by walking from the train station. The normal ticket price for adults is RM60, but I found a better deal and bought it online through Shopee for RM49. Overall, I highly recommend visiting The Habitat on Penang Hill if you have the chance. It's an experience you won't forget.

    @Yusri Yusop
    Google Reviews, January 2023

  • Amazing experience! Great people behind The Habitat!

    We are a group of 3 adults, 3 teens. We learned a lot about The Habitat and the history of Penang Hill. The Habitat Foundation had done a pretty good job in maintaining the place and educating visitors. Am glad I researched before my trip and engaged guided tour services. It was really worth it. Otherwise, we would have missed out on the beauty of the forest, and the kids would have missed an invaluable experience of our tropical rainforests. Corina and Daniel were just amazing as they walked us through the trail. The kids were just awed with this wonderous place vs their devices. For me, it was the first time I actually enjoyed walking in the rain amidst the misty and foggy forest. My next trip will be the forest bathing and night camping! Good job to Corina and Daniel, and the people behind The Habitat Foundation. Great job to the govt of Penang for supporting this initiative preserving this invaluable heritage, Penang Hill!

    @SK Tan Cornerstate Xstate
    TripAdvisor, December 2022

  • A very good place to visit for nature lovers. You can spot langur monkeys and a variety of butterflies along the tree top walk. There are a couple of giant swings placed strategically within the forest for your enjoyment. The highlight of the walk has got to be Curtis Crest, 800m above sea level. it is the highest point in Penang, where you can have a panoramic view of Penang Island and the two bridges that linked the island to the mainland.

    @Ngee Wei
    Klook, December 2022

  • Nice, clean, and very well-kept. Adult ticket is RM60, and we feel that it was worth it. Other than the immerse flora and fauna you can discover along your trail, you will also come across birds, insects, and frogs. We even saw a snake, bat, and lizard. Highly recommend the Curtis Crest Tree Top Walk, which is 13 meters high, and also their Langur Way Canopy Walk, which is the longest bridge in the world.

    Google Reviews, October 2022